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... went off without problems.but some say it's obvious... their coworkers could use a lesson in work ethics... and priorities.dimitri kostaras 48:15-30 "honessly, it doesn't really surprise me one bit. i meant the roads in the city are pretty terrible actually... they deserve it." ray crockett49:13-24 "it's 3 kind of sad to be honest with yyu...it's kiid of sad." while taxpayers are frustrated.some city officials tolerattd.27:55 "i'm glad it's - being investigated... is if we didn't catch it." when police busted the party, they confiscated mroe than 6- thousand dollars in what they believe was gambling money... along with dice and some champagne.ii all allegedll took place in the brrak room, but it's unclear if supervisors knew what had been going on. or that it was a regular occurance.live from city hall... melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. you can help us hold public employees accountable by joining our wasse watch.if you our hotline att410-662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on waste watch. 3 the house of delegates to wrap up the session in ion & about two week
the debate over discipline. discipline.jacquline says: "father used a belt, my mom used a switch somettmes" crosses the line. line.(holding sign)"thank god for dead soldiers, soldiers,fighting back against offensive protests.how a maryland congressman wants to change the law. law. more heavy rain headed our way.when it will arrive and tte areas that could see floodinn... in my skywatch fore. forecast.and a rude awaking for this baby. what came crashing through his bedroom wa. wall. hello i'm jennifer gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. there's.../ a... massive plan.../ to... limit protests.../ at.../ military.../ funerals..../// ááthisáá...// after.../ the... supreme.../ court.../ ááupheldáá...// first.../ amendment ...rights.../// of... the westboro.../ baptist.../ church.../// as kathleen cairns reports, congressman dutch ruppersberger is convinced his proposal is constitutional. 3 in linthicum today: (graham henry)"it's cruel and inhumane.. (sot continues..) graham henry is outraged:..it breaks my heart... every time i see it it breaks
changed my mind, i was always for the bill, i just wanted us to take a minute and discuss it and discuss it with some other issues." (rydell) "the bill now faces debate onnthe house floor where supporters need to round up 71 votes before its enacted."(smigiel) "i don't think they're going to have the votes, i think they're going to be five or six votes away if i had to guess."a showdown...expected to resume &pnext week. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the.../ bill...// got...// final approval.../ last.... week.../// in... the.../ senate. we.../ asked...// ááshouldáá.../ gay marriage.../ be... legal in maryland? áá64--%áá said.../ yes..// yes..// chan-aea...../ says...// ""they're humans .../ with.../ rights...//// treat them... as.../ equals..." áátrovoyáá...// says.../ "no..../ simply... because .../ you...must...// put... god...// first." go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off ... thru...// facebook....// áásendáá... us a tweet.../// áátexxáá...// your answer ... to..
roberts... saidd"on the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain (caused bb the protestors) by punishing the speaker." (bin is scotus presser westboro clip)8::9 weefound out today we can no longer buyyour dead what s this country becoming. (vince/cover first pt) 12:17:49 what i was hoping that would come out of it a military funeral they would initially al snyder won a five million dollar judgement against westboro. but then an appeals court overturned the ruling... and now the supreme court has upheld that decision. (snyder clip 2 sot) 1:56 this court has no problem with the government sending our children over two these places send them back in a body bag and not even have enough respect for that dead soldier to be buried peacfully. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. snyder has been ordered to pay thinks that could be ccose to - a hundred thousand dollars. heaa everything al snyder said dot ccm slash raw news we asked.... do you agree with the supreme court's ruling favoring the westboro baptist church? 96--% say no. no. colleen says: "i think its our con
dont want gas prices to go up either so" ((trucker))"theyre onll gonna let us do 2 rounds"(nat pop trucks rolling by) (lady driver) "hey... democracy in action its ok!" right now the state gas tax would jump from 24 to 34 cents. a ost that could eventually be passed on to consumers:(dennis morgan)"eventtully it does trickle down"(cb scanner- in truck))they say they kicking everybody out"(trucker)"the annapoliss(clapping naas- in truck rolls out)(voice only)"i think were making a statement" kc fox 45 news at 10 áálawmakersáá...// used... to.../ raid...// the... transportation.... trust fund.../ to... offset.../ deficits. we.../ asked...// approve.../// . - a..// 10--cent...// gas.../ tax.../ hike? áá99%áá...// said...// no...// no...// darleen.../ p says...// "lawmakers.../ are.../ nuts..../ "cut... all the.../ projects." ááericáá...// says...// "what... happeeed .../ to... no.../ new taxes ? go to... fox- baltimore dot com...// áásoundáá off .
. crime and justice reporter joy lepola lets us know whether thht cop ...is back on the job tonight. tonight. ((pkg)) sit down...sit down i'm not a dude. a baltimore city police officer... captured berating a skateboarder... putting him in a headlock even pushing him to the ground.(bush) he asked me if i hearddhi and i told him i had my ipod in and he said don't get an attitude with me.. then that's when he went off.." (video) when i'm talking you shut your mouth. more than 1.55million . for the teen's mother ... she's seen enoogh. (miller/mother) i mean that's outrageous what he did, attacking a child like that. when this run-in occurrd... officer salvatore riveiri had one more year to go before he could retire with a pension. a dream dashed.... after a court hearing in downtown baltimore this morning. 10:29:54 i think people don't unddrstand generally that taking action as a pooice officer can be very physical michael marshallldefended riverie's actions in court.10:30:02 the force that was used officer thiins was not that physical. while a disciplinary board determi
sanchez ramos.. is an illegal immigrant who had already een in the u-s when the faaal ack - accident happened. happened. tom krause has lost his brother.. his best friend. paul krause was driving home monday night, the same night tom got a call he'll never forg. forget. paul krause was killed when his car was hit head on.police arrested 33 year old carros sanchez ramos. ramos. federal records show ramos was in the u-s illegally.he'd been depooted to hondurus in 2004, returned to the u-s, arrested for a 2007 accident, but his immigration status went unchecked.richmond highway crash fitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.04.26 it hurts a little bit on another level when some irresponsible person takes another persons life now tom krause says he will help his brother's wife and children... as they rely on their faith to get them through thhs tragedy.richmond highway crashhfitz raw.consolidated.01 @ 00.05.17 you have to, you have to, you have to get some strength andd i know my brother went straight into gods arms. - 6 ((megan on cam)) the federal immigrations and customs inforccment has pl
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7

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